Hidden Orchestra @ Union Chapel


‘The AV show designed and controlled live by Lumen deserves a special mention. Their usual setup is impressive enough, with horizontal pillars of white disks and a large overhung screen projected with interesting, modernist images which mutate in time with the music. However, Lumen also made incredibly intelligent use of the chapel’s architecture, with a mind-melting lightshow projected against the pillars, the decorative wall tiling, and, most impressively, the huge, circular stained glass window above the altar, which forms the centrepiece of the whole venue. Lights and images flickered and moved across the chapel interior, creating an odd, arresting feeling that the building was coming alive, slowly responding to Hidden Orchestra’s transcendental sounds.’


‘Spellbinding visuals offset the distinctive multi-layers of the music.  Using the building’s already-stunning architectural features, a kaleidoscopic light show was projected on to the walls, pillars and decorative tiling as well as onto 12 drum-skins that surrounded the stage.  Meanwhile, the striking Rose Window was brought to life with luminous cyclical lighting, creating the effect that the stained glass and surrounding bricks were moving of their own accord.

This was an audiovisual show where the music and lighting worked in complete synchrony – creating a hypnotic, dramatic, transcendental environment in which the Hidden Orchestra’s idiosyncratic melodies could truly soar.’


‘Throughout the first song the back wall of the chapel quietly lights up with perfectly mapped visuals enhancing the venue’s design. As the set progressed these visuals only improve with Lumen effortlessly lighting up the chapel’s most subtle elements. During Strange the rose window is replicated and kaleidoscopically circles around itself. Hidden Orchestra have always put focus on the visual aspect of their live show, and given the music, this seems wise to add a transformative dimension to their euphoric music. In the past, however, this has never quite met the peaks of the music and not added to their immersive sound. Tonight is different, though, and the audio and visual experiences are perfectly married, each complementing the other.

It’s refreshing to hear a band play this well and interact with their surrounding, both visually and architecturally, as effective as this.’


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