Greenman Festival

Greenman is an Award winning contemporary music and arts festival located in the stunning Brecon Beacons. We were pleased to have two installations running across the site.

The first was a chill out space in the Nature Nurture area. We projection mapped the structure of a geodesic dome and accompanied a variety of space related music with images of the cosmos.

On Friday night Lumen & Prymedia performed an Audio-Visual performance called "Fact of the Matter", it explored our existence from the big bang to the hadron collider, journeying through space and time. With an all original soundtrack and a wealth of visual material from the Prelinger Archives the performance hopes to educate and entertain.

We were also asked by the Far Out tent to design a visual installation which would hang above the audience in the centre of the space throughout the weekend. The intention was for each circular screen to appear to float above the crowd while retaining an overall form which was kept connected through light, movement, and animated visual imagery. With the help of Transform (who erected the circles) the arrangement of wooden disks came to life at night, looking down on the audience and opening a new door for the potentials of our immersive projections.


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