The Caligari Experience

In 2013, friends of Limbic Cinema,  Compass Presents asked us to help them realise their plans for a multi-disciplinary, expanded cinema screening of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari – the classic silent cinema horror film from nearly 100 years ago.

It was a great project to be a part of, and over the months of planning we became thoroughly familiar with the film text and what Compass wanted to do with it. We ended up re-editing the film for display across 3 screens, and designing a huge stage set, echo-ing the film’s jaunty angles.

We created new hand-painted video scenes to extend the film’s set pieces and scenery and projection mapped it across the 30ft stage on which Compass choreographed incredible dance and acrobatic performances that drew inspiration from the plot, characters and subtexts from the film. This created an immersive environment for the sell-out crowd to be absorbed into the world of Dr Caligari, aided by the new live score composed and performed live by Minima.


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