Doppelgänger: Stokes Croft Masquerade Ball.

“A night of auditory audacity, visual decadence and experimental aerial performance.

This weekends events have been a collaboration between Compass Film and The Motorcycle Showroom.
Compass have been hosting the festival of lunacy in Bristol for a couple of years and they program areas at summer festivals including Shambala and Nozstock. Making their events always diverse and multi-disciplinary. 

This time round was no exception. The night started with the awesome spacey cinematic prog stylings of Minima who re-scored two black and white films live. At the same time outside, Circomedia displayed some really impressive acrobatics, which had everyones mouths open as the stunts were performed above the concrete floor. Psuedo Nippon came on at 11 like a scene from the Mighty Boosh, they were crazy; 2 drummers, 2 dancers & a shouter. At times playing together with Mininma and on rotation across 2 stages, Top of the Pops style.
After the midnight barrier Myself and Prymedia did our AV sets, being broadcast on 2 soundsystems and four projectors across the space, which was cool! Prymedias visuals are always beuatiful and Tom was performing the music live for the first time, with an equally quality selection of tunes.
In addition myself and OCD put together a small projection mapped piece on the square floor tiles and an installation. Ollie impressively got to grips with a Kinect in vvvv in less than a week, to make a motion tracking system. Running with the theme Doppelgänger we filmed places around Bristol at night and day, overlapped the footage, so that the background was the night and peoples’ shapes would reveal the daytime version. Video soon.

All the guys at The Motorcycle Showroom put so much work in to making the space unique and it looked amazing! Was great to be involved in this.

Photos by Ollie Davies



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