Soul Motive Promo Video

 Here’s a video I’ve been working on for Bristol label Soul Motive, their previous releases include UK bass & future music heavyweights Hyetal, Joker, Foresaken, Julio Bashmore & Eleven Tigers. So needless to say a big opportunity..

 The idea behind it being that their future releases will no doubt end up on youtube somehow, so why not be the ones to upload it and hopefully drive people to the official source where the music can be bought. A wise move I think.

 So they wanted something happening visually while the track plays. Soul Motive have a very clear visual style associated with the label, largely driven by their photographer Shifteye, the guise of all round leg-end Zac Satoiti.  I was given his back catalog of photos for the label to work with, I chucked in a few of my more atmospheric clips and came up with this.

This one is set to Around by Julio Bashmore – Released 21 September 2010.
It will feature on all upcoming releases on the labels’ youtube page. Check out their site for all future releases, big things to come!



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