Glastonbury 2011


So, Glastonbury hazely fades in to a joyful memory for another year and
it’s sadly not back until 2013.

Despite the mud. Despite not seeing any bands or acts on any other stage. Despite it being 200 times more difficult to meet up with people than you imagine. I still had an amazing time. (I need to find words other than amazing) but Glastonbury is like being on another planet & I wish I could visit it for longer.

Witnessing the madness of what goes on behind the scenes was an eye-opener and although hard work and challenging at some points, I enjoyed every second.

For example, one certain tour manager who shall remain nameless unexpectedly insisting ‘My band are on in 10 minutes, I have their logo, I can only email it to you and I want it on the screen by the time they’re on’ was a test.

‘OK.. uhmm..’
N8 > GPS > Gmail > Download > Bluetooth > Photoshop > Modul8 > Congratulatory Beer! Done.

I got to be stage-side and visualize some acts I reeeeally like, like Mount Kimbie, Bonobo, Claude VonStroke, Subb-ann and the Futureboogie crew. Though maybe not as much of a fan, I had a lot fun visualizing the sets of Azari & III, Katy B, Mistajam and Labrinth. Peering out to 6-8000 people in the tent at points was a bit mad too.

Spent the rest of the time walking to the little bars n clubs for some disco dancing. So apart from the above, my highlights were The Beat Hotel, NYC Downlow, Arcadia, Thali Café Curry, The Drum Machine, Posh Loos backstage and getting to flash my pass about to gain little shortcuts about the place.

It was hard to take pictures at decent angles but there are some above. Some © Tom Horton © Sim Higginson

I’m enjoying finding terrible quality Youtube videos filmed by people in the crowd from various sets. I’ve put them in a youtube playlist and you can view them here, should you so wish:


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