Glastonbury / New Demo Reel


Massively excited to say, I’ve been booked to VJ in the Dance Village at Glasto this year!!

I had a little taster last year, doing a set with The Being Human Collective on the Greenpeace Dome, but this year I’ll be doing all 3 nights in the rave paradise alongside other visualists AV3 and Vivid. The lineup is mental!

I’ve wanted to get to the stage where all my content is my own, (something I should have done about 2 years ago) but have taken this booking as a deadline to get that completed.

I’ve also moved over to Modul8 which is already proving to be  a massively powerful choice. I’ve been creating the content using mixture of stop animation and HD video with my Canon 550 and simple 3D animations.

I’m keen to keep a lo-fi hand made organic look. Below is a little demo vid I’ve put together to a Four Tet tune above are a couple of my favourite stills.

If you’re heading to Worthy farm, come say hello.


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