Berlin / Pictoplasma Festival


Just about getting back to normality after 6 days in Berlin for the Pictoplasma festival. A difficult one to sum up, firstly a big thanks to Inkygoodness for getting me involved, it was great to be part of their crew.
Met some great people from all over the world and came away massively inspired and mostly by the city itself, (think i’d like to move there). My highlight from the fest itself was definitely the live AV set by Motomichi Nakamura.

Me n mr OCD were put up in the galleries’ accommodation. Complete with shower’ next to the sink, hand-drawn wallpaper, very precarious electronics and a toilet down two flights of stairs…. and I loved every second of staying there!

Above are pictures giving a glimpse of our input to the Exhibition. I took about 2 billion others, with ollie getting pissed off with me stopping every 2 seconds to snap another ‘cool building’. However, i’m glad I did because I have plans for these pictures, so more on that very soon.

The reason we were there was to provide so audio/visual stimulation for the opening night.. so what we did was: Mapped squares on to the pillars, taking influence from the square Totem poles which made up the exhibition. I DJ’d through traktor  which was sending OSC signals via Osculator to Isadora which Ollie was interpreting to control the visuals. A video will be along soon…


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