Hidden City – Drive in Deco


So… For the last 4 months I’ve been underground beavering away on my biggest project yet. I was approached by Part Exchange Co. who
were working on a huge theatre piece in Plymouth and were looking for a video designer.
The play is based around a beautiful original Art Deco building which has been completely neglected in Plymouth and an enthused scientist’s attempts to reconnect the building to the present with his specialist equipment. It enables him to tune in and pick up past signals from the building so we can see and hear the ’emotional residue’. The final piece involved live actors, live musicians, pre-recorded sound, 3 live cameras and the video on the screen.  All sound was broadcasted over radio with the audience listening via their car stereos and all video was shown on a gigantic screen providing the interface between the building, the scientist and the audience. So I had to visually represent the emotional residue and voice signals, which gave me chance to play around with colour, shape & animation nicely.
It’s been a massive undertaking and I’ve learnt a lot, the final piece culminated in 40 separate video pieces. However seeing it come to life on the first night with everything else in place, more than made up for all the stressing.

The play is running for 8 days straight and was the top tip of national theatre in the guardian this week.

I also got the chance to work with and learn from Mr AV3 Tom Harding and John Thursfield which was a big pleasure.


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