111 w/ Eleven Tigers


Here’s some pictures from 111. The performance to celebrate the release of 11 Tigers new album.
I was pretty honored as Eleven Tigers is one of my favourite producers after discovering the amazing album clouds are mountains, last year. it came about from a chance meeting with the guys at his label Soul Motive at the Belly of the beast Exhibition. In brief, starting way back in November. Every 11 days, the producer uploaded a new track from the new album representing a different tiger and invited people to ‘feed’ them, with pictures, poems, stories, filmed footage or combinations of all. My job was to use the submitted content to create visuals for the live performance, culmintating in a web brodcast on the 11th of march. We had 3 cameras into a vision mixer, all sound recorded live, live musicians and Mr tigers himself at the helm of the control. It was a big success, so much to pull together, but i have big admiration for Jokubas who kept calm and got everything working.
 We had around 500 people watching the stream worldwide and the HD video will be released with the album and will hopefully be online soon.

Fine out more here – http://eleventigers.net/111/finale/


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