Bloc Weekend / 360° Visuals


Bloc’s a coming. ‘The UK’s leading underground electronic dance music festival held at Butlins Resort in Minehead’. The line up is ridiculous: Aphex Twin, Moderat, Four Tet, Joy Orbison, Jimmy Edgar, Floating points,Deadulus, DMZ and Boxcutter to name just a few.

And… Myself and OCD are most honored to be joining the RFID crew providing 360° Visuals above the heads of the (hopefully) awe-inspired rave-aholics.

For those who don’t know about the RFID. It’s a giant Dome, coupling perfect surround sound with a cutting edge projection system that allows you to stand inside a three dimensional vision, watching a live virtual reality unfold above and around in 360 degrees.

‘Built by a dedicated team of artists and engineers pursuing complete sensory immersion in a world of digital sound and vision.’


It’s proper exciting and we’re busy creating content, getting our heads round their system and adjusting to a new world of 360 degrees.

More soon.


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