MTM 25.03.11



Just been confirmed for the next MTM night in London. Will be the 2nd only outing of my AV set, which is very much still in it’s infancy.. So excited but very nervous. Some clips will be up soon.

For now.. here’s more info:

‘Night of AV performances, installations, short film screenings, sonic acts, party and more… Study of space, time, atmosphere and environment..

The first event of this kind for MTM and artists.. We set to explore the location, investigate the history and rediscover the architecture.. The Old Distillery, post industrial germ in the middle of London, used as a leather factory in the recent years, now a gallery upstairs and gig space in basement. Lots of twists and turns for you to explore: 3 rooms upstairs, 3 rooms downstairs!

We think its important to raise awareness about these spaces as they soon can be lost forever.. Many of these buildings sadly been demolished over the years.. We salute all the good people that take the task of preserving and not destroying!’



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