111 is an experiment based, crowd-funded, collaborative project initiated by Jokubas Dargis aka Eleven Tigers. The project entails the live performance of eleven tigers, live streamed online, involving live instruments and voice as well as 111 project themed visualisations created out of the public’s (YOURS!) submitted artwork.

The drive behind the 111 is a big wish to tell a unique sonic and visual narrative of eleven tigers. Through improvised music and visual arts collaboration with Alice-Marie Archer, Ben Duff and Lumen, Eleven tigers vows to deliver to his audience an exclusive product –a high quality recording of his live performance which will be also live streamed online on 11 March, 2011.


    • How can you contribute? The audience is encouraged to create and submit any type of artwork (photography, drawings, illustrations, poems, etc.) inspired by the story and music brought by each of the tigers. Contributors will have 10 days to produce an artwork relating to the every new tiger. The submissions will be weaved into visualisations showcased throughout eleven tigers live performance.


  • Why to crowd-fund? You are asked to ‘feed the tigers’ by donating some money that will fuel the project. Depending on the amount donated, you will receive an incentive that will involve original material produced during the 111 (hover your mouse over the donation options to check out what you will get in return).
    The production of incentives will begin straight after the final eleven tigers performance. Bear in mind that it might take around one month before your goodies are ready to be shipped.


Head to the website for further info. Get involved in this exciting project!




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