Belly of the Feast


Just back from the Belly of The Beast opening night at the Tobacco Factory.

Such a good vibe and in proper bristol fashion, even with a limited amount of time, it came together more than nicely. Massive thanks to Max, Zac and Osnap for getting me involved.

The proceedings were guided by the stark atmospheric nature of their photos, ‘uniquely theatrical…… vivid urban scenes’, all enhanced by winter light levels and a well placed smoke machine.

For those interested – In essence I built a semi-reactive / semi controllable patch that randomly pics from the 35 photos i was given. Layers them on top of each other, boosts the saturation a little, whilst a 3rd channel pans and zooms around the image. To bring the static images to life and give them some motion. I then used the brightest parts of the photos as an alpha channel, allowing abstract shapes created from random sections of the pictures to bounce, shatter and shine through in time with the music, controlled by a basic sound level monitor.

Video up soon. Right now.. too much free wine to even think about it.

I also got to play out some of my fave music and meet some very inspirational peoples, which has got me properly excited about what may come..

Jus another reminder of why I love you Bristol! All on the doorstep

Big up Fishminster


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