Animetro -Alphaville


Here’s some pictures of the final piece in at Alphaville Festival. Definitely recommend the festival to anyone in London next year. Lots of inspiring installations, music, visuals and people. Barely managed to scrape the surface and see everything, however it was great to be part of the Friday night, which sold out.

We got a really good reception and some interesting future prospects may come.

Below is an edit of the video. The theme was visionary cities. We took influence from retro-futuristic sci-fi architectural styles, particularly the work of Antonia St Elia, a big influence on classic sci-fi films like Metropolis.

In short, we incorporated 3D modeling and mapping techniques to depict a city throughout periods of history. We’ve missed out a lot of this in the video and focused on the most visually tantalizing bits, though we kept the futuristic city at the end, which is the bit I’m most proud of.

And here’s the link to the Friday night program.

The video is just below and underneath that is a short documentary made by featuring myself, Ollie and ‘Animetro’. Fortunately, it’s not too embarrassing as they’ve cut out any of my ramblings:

Animetro from ESP on Vimeo.




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