Falcon Punch by Ewan Hoozami


A couple of months a go, the ‘stupendously well named’ local funk fave Ewan Hoozami put a call out for someone to have a go mashing up some videos for his tunes. I took up the challenge.


I did a bit of digging around the internet movie archive and found these 1950s animated educational films. After a giggle at narration, it was swiftly removed and straight away, some of the content naturally seemed to fit well. Like the angry man at the start and the panning urban scenes. I also liked the abstract motifs and shapes in ‘Stop Driving us Crazy’ , as i find them similar to early Visual Music pieces by Oskar Fischinger and Mary Ellen brute.


So I selected, chopped, layered, keyed, coloured, resized and time stretched clips from the originals, to move and change in time with elements of the track.

Mr Hoozami must be one of Bristols hardest working music makers and an all round nice guy to boot! So i urge you to check www.ewanhoozami.com and find out more!


The track is coming out soon and will be available on Juno

The originals are available on the Internet movie archive:
Stop Driving us Crazy (1959)


A is for atom (1953)

man of action (1955)



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