Glastonbury 2010

Back from 6 days at Glastonbury. 5am Wednesday until 1pm Monday. Such an overwhelming experience… happy times indeed.. so much to see, do, hear, feel, smell, eat, drink, say & take in. Weather was hhhhooot! Big thanks to all the people i shared the times with & especially gaynor o’flynn for giving me the opportunity to go/play there! I’d like to live there i think..

Feeling very inspired right now.. both musically and visually.

Definite highlights that i remember, include: Joy orbison, bonobo, arcadia fire show, knaps in healing fields, the london underground, fourtet, shangrila hub stage at 6am, birdy namm namm, boiled carlsberg, the unfair ground, imogen heap, stevie wonder, cassetteboy, debruit, stone circle + vodka lemonade & lime at 7am, cube henge, thom yorke & johnny greenwood, dancing time trials around the igloo.. + the 360 degree visuals, water aid compost loos, breakestra & charlie 2na (albeit it from afar), brothers pear cider, meetups by the pineapple, lovely people with greenpeace backstage, the park, broken social scene, gooey chocoate brownies, portico quartet  …and just about everything else about Glastonbury 2010!

Some pics from a visualist p.o.v, including a couple of my stuff in the Greenpeace Earth Dome



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